Sunday, December 9, 2007

School's out

School is over for the year—yay! I survived my first year!

I've sorted through all my paperwork for the year, too. My desk is almost clear again. I still have a stack of maths worksheets to sort, though, ready for next year. That's Monday's job. :-)

Now I'm contemplating how to go about selling my photos. I intend to submit a fair few to a stock photo agency. But I think I can do more. I think I'd like to talk to a business consultant about it. I have the skills I need, but I lack wisdom: I can budget, but I don't know what are reasonable amounts to expect; I know how to plan, but I don't know what are realistic, achievable goals; I can build a website, but I don't know what style of website will attract the most customers and achieve the best sales.

Do you know anyone who can help me with this? Please let me know.

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