Monday, September 24, 2012

Land ownership

Today was settlement day: We now own 4+ acres of vacant land in Logan Village!

We started looking back in April. Our weekends for a few months there consisted of going out looking at various houses and blocks. Almost every place we saw had something wrong with it: house too small, land too swampy, neighbours too close. We found one place we liked in Logan Village, but God had other ideas: We were outbid by another buyer. We found another place in Logan Reserve, but the land was a bit sandy and we would have had to do some work to the house as well (building in underneath).

We kept going back to this one vacant block, on the hill on the eastern side of Logan Village. And in the end, we decided we should just buy it and build our own house. So that's what we're doing.

It's a steep block (about 26°). But the views are fabulous, out to Flinders Peak.

So now we just have to clear the lantana and other weeds, build some fences, design a house, get Council approval, …