Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catching up with friends

We drove back to Brisbane on Boxing Day, after a relaxing Christmas in Valla Beach with Nadine and Dennis and their family.

The drive back took us seven hours again, by almost the same route. We just took it easy, not wanting to get involved in any shenanigans or excitement—unlike (apparently) some of the other drivers on the roads that day.

The following few days have been filled with friends and laughter. It’s been really good to catch up with some old friends (Facebook just isn’t the same). We even saw Stuart last night, who’s been living in Kalgoorlie!

More family and friends in the coming week, then we go up to CMS Summer School on Mt Tamborine on Friday. We’re planning to be “in for visitors” on Thursday 3rd. Come visit us if you’re free, at Ian’s parents’ place: 54 Highcrest Dr (corner with Ranchwood Ave), Browns Plains.

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