Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday plans

People keep asking me about our holiday plans, so I thought I'd just add it to my blog, and then next time I can just point people to this blog entry.

  1. Drive from Mackay to Brisbane
    1. Leave Mackay Sunday afternoon 16th or Monday morning 17th (depending when we're ready)
    2. Possible stopover between Rocky and Bundaberg (inclusive)
    3. Arrive in Brisbane

  2. Spend a few mad days in Brisbane
  3. Tracey's wedding and Christmas
    1. Drive to Valla Beach near Coffs Harbour Friday 21st
    2. Stay with Laetitia's sister Nadine and Dennis
    3. Up to Dorrigo on Saturday 22nd for Tracey's wedding
    4. Spend Christmas in Valla Beach
    5. Drive back to Brisbane some time before New Year

  4. New Year
    1. Probably go to some mad friend's New Year's party (any volunteers?)
    2. Spend a few relaxed days in Brisbane

  5. CMS Summer School 4th-10th January
    1. Drive up to Mt Tamborine Friday afternoon 4th
    2. Enjoy the cool air and good company
    3. Study the Bible
    4. Make new friends
    5. Drive back to Brisbane Thursday 10th

  6. Return to Mackay
    1. Leave Brisbane Friday 11th
    2. Possible stopover between Bundaberg and Rocky (inclusive)
    3. Arrive in Mackay

There may yet be changes to this timetable, and there's plenty of flexibility built-in, but that's the basic plan.

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