Thursday, April 1, 2010

Year 9 camp

Just got back from three days in the bush with seventeen year 9 boys (plus a year 12 mentor and two camp leaders). Can you imagine spending three days with a group of teenage boys and no showers?

It was actually quite fun. The camp was at Meebunn-bia (which means “in the company of an eagle”) near Rathdowney, and the place is run as an adventure camp. Our year 9 cohort was split into five groups (three of boys and two of girls). My group did quite a bit of hiking, as well as a hoop pine climb, belayed-climb-based obstacle course, high ropes courses and a 150 metre flying fox. Many of the boys found it quite challenging—facing their fears as much as the physical aspects. Camping overnight meant making tents out of two tarps and a rope between trees, and preparing and cooking dinner with food they'd carried up on their backs. Toilets were a mix of hole-in-the-ground and composting toilets.

It was good to see some of the boys really growing as they faced and overcame their fears.

Term 1 at a new school

Phew! Term 1 is finished.

My new school is quite similar to the one I left in Mackay: both Christian, about the same size, K-12. If anything, the students here are more obedient, although not necessarily less lazy.

I'm teaching Physics and Maths A in year 10 and 11, plus an odd mix of other things - year 9 ICT and Christian Foundations, and a year 7 PE class!

I'm not sure what else to talk about here, so feel free to ask questions…