Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a beginning teacher says about his first year

For one of the final subjects in CHC's Bachelor of Education program, the lecturer sets an assignment which is fairly free-form; one of the options for the assignment is to interview some beginning teachers to find out what they thought of their first year of teaching. I remember doing this assignment last year, and very much appreciating the helpful responses I got.

Anyway, one of my fellow students at CHC, who finishes this year, asked me if I would answer some questions for her. Remembering how much I got out of it myself, I told her I'd love to! Little did I know how many questions she'd ask..

It took me a few hours to type up the answers. (She ‘interviewed’ me by email.) And I thought, maybe others might be interested in my answers. So I've made them available on the web. Enjoy! (Warning: It's quite long.)


Hamish said...

Hey Ian,

Thanks for posting this - it was an enjoyable insight into what you have been up to.


David Sretenovic said...

Wow, Ian, that is a treatise and a half! I skim read a few sections, but it was a fascinating read! I really relate to a lot of what you've written. You certainly score an HD for "reflection and evaluation";). You've collected some real wisdom there, mate; the best type too: first hand experience! I particularly liked the "maths autobio" idea...and the "marry a non-teacher" comment intrigued me (lol)! I think your friend is blessed to have you provide an entire case study worth of feedback all in one document;). God bless you in your quest to reach that professional educator peak (which I know you're already well on your way to reaching). David.