Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our weekend in Brisbane

While the photos are being downloaded, backed up, imported, etc, I figure I may as well tell you a little about our weekend in Bris Vegas.

Got there at 11am on Friday, took far too long to travel about 15km to the restaurant where we met our parents for lunch. Spent the afternoon shopping for a few things we needed, and showing our car to a potential buyer. Had dinner at my parents' place, went to bed early—I was pretty tired!

Saturday was the wedding day. This was actually a “Wedding Party” to celebrate their marriage with friends and renew their vows; the original wedding was in a hospital chapel with the serious threat of imminent death for the groom (here's more info for those who don't know the story). It was a great time of celebration. But since we were the official photographers, we didn't get time to eat lunch or anything much else, except a few bits of fruit grabbed from the nibblies available.

It was held at Palma Rosa: the service outside behind and below the house, the food-eating inside afterwards, and much chatting and mingling on the wide verandahs. Laetitia did a great job of rounding people up for the many family and group photos. By the end of the afternoon the bride and groom were quite worn out, so the plan to go into town for more photos was cancelled, and we went straight to the Pancake Manor for dinner… Uh oh, Laetitia and I can't eat there either! So we grabbed some fast food on the way.

On Sunday we dropped in on the bride and groom to deliver photo proofs and films, and then went to a birthday party of another friend. In the evening we flew home to Mackay.

This is the first wedding I've shot with a digital camera, and I'm very happy with it. I don't have to worry about how much film I'm using up! Yeah baby!

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Trish said...

I was emcee for a friend's wedding a few years ago, and was in the same situation that you were in as photographer... I hardly got to eat the really nice food on the buffet! On top of that, I had a very grumpy camera man who wanted a particular position to shoot his video.
Even though those two things happened, I was complimented at the end of the night from someone who told me that it was the first wedding reception where everything went on time!
Oh, and if anyone asks me to do it again, they'll have to promise me a very nice dinner sometime after the wedding! I do like my food!