Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celebration week & Mr Muscle

Whew! What a week.

On Monday evening at square dancing, someone stood on my foot. It hurt. I've been limping since.

Tuesday morning I lost a lesson I'd planned for because instead we had a whole-high-school practice for Celebration Night. Then I lost the next lesson too, because my year 12 students were practicing for their final Chapel on Thursday morning. I had intended to do a “maths in the kitchen” (i.e. cooking) lesson with them. But that was okay, we did it at lunch time instead. They loved the cake I made, and the chocolate cubes and chicken stir fry that two of them made.

Tuesday night was Celebration Night. It was exciting and action packed (no, really!). In a distinctly different experience from my own high school graduation nights, the principal spoke for only 20 minutes. The school's Jazz Ensemble played at the end, and they were simply fantastic!

Wednesday morning was Celebration Morning, when they gave out all the awards they didn't have time for on Tuesday night. After that I got to supervise a year 10 drama class; I think I'll ask to teach drama some time in the future, it was a lot of fun!

Then this morning was Senior Chapel. The year 12s came in free dress, and produced a morning of music, short speeches, advice, and teacher awards. I am now officially “Mr Muscle”. (“Although it looks like there's nothing on the outside, all the power is on the inside!”) My year 8s asked me in the next lesson whether they could call me that. (I said, “Sure, for the rest of this year—but I don't promise to answer!”) The teachers sang “I cannot tell…” for the graduating students; I played violin, a last-minute idea that worked out quite well.

Tonight is the Senior Graduation Dinner. I hope I survive!

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David Sretenovic said...

Hey Mr Muscle! You deserve such a comment, brother;), you're a real blessing to the college (both teachers and students).