Friday, November 16, 2007

Senior Grad

What a wonderful evening!

It was held in the function room at the local bowls club. It had been decorated nicely, and there was plenty of room (or so I thought). When we first arrived Laetitia thought we might have been overdressed because we saw a few people walking in who were dressed quite casually, but they must have been locals just going to the club. In fact Laetitia turned out to be dressed very appropriately. She looked gorgeous in her Sex Kitten outfit.

First there was an informal meet-and-greet session as people arrived and mingled, followed by a large group photo. Then guests without tickets had to leave, and the rest of us took our seats for the introductions, after which came the meal and formal speeches and presentations.

The speeches were lovely: not too long, very meaningful. Even Laetitia commented on the wisdom of the principal's encouraging message about keeping your eyes on the goal and letting God watch your steps.

Finally the cake was cut, and the graduates got up and danced. They have been practicing for months, and it showed. They looked fantastic! They began with a waltz, then a cha-cha. The third dance was rock-and-roll, after which they invited other guests to join them.

Which brings me to what I think was the greatest thing about the night: The parents were a major part of the evening's celebrations. Every student's parents were there, and some brothers, sisters and grandparents too. It was a lovely evening in which the parents and families really got to celebrate together. The parents were invited to stand behind their children and bless them, and the students presented flowers to their parents as a token of thanks.

And now I'd better go because I have a plane to catch. We're going to Brisbane this morning, for Esther and Andy's wedding party tomorrow afternoon.

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