Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moving on up

Last week the year 12 students graduated.

On Friday last week, when the year 12s were away on their Mystery Tour, the year 11s lost no time in staking out new territory in the area where the year 12s normally used to hang out during lunch breaks. On Monday the year 10s were filling in the spaces vacated by the year 11s. Surprisingly the year 9s haven't moved much—although perhaps that's because there are still quite a few year 10 students who also haven't moved. But the year 8s are already noticeably infiltrating the year 9 areas.

I suppose it must be an annual migration. Different areas of the school grounds become associated with the different year levels, and the students feel the need to move on up, preferably a little sooner than the start of next year…

(With apologies to M People for the title of this blog entry.)

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