Sunday, September 19, 2010

York, WA

On Sunday we attended the 8am service at the Church of the Epiphany (Anglican) in Mundaring. There were only six locals there (including the clergy; we made it eight). They were very friendly (they even sent us a card, which we received when we got back home). There were no songs or hymns, but we did have communion.

After church we drove on to York. I was interested to see York in particular because I remember really enjoying my time in York, England. (I mean, I knew it was going to be very different! But still, I wanted to have a look.) York, WA is known for its history, which is why Laetitia wanted to go there: it's the oldest regional town in WA, the first place where people settled outside of Perth.

First we checked out the markets and art gallery in the old mill. Because it used to be a working mill, there are four or five floors, each at least 3m high—which makes for a very tall building, and a nice view out the windows on the top story. The gallery was showing an exhibition of photos of fashion, some of which I found very interesting! Then we went to the Avon river, where there's a lovely pedestrian suspension bridge.

In the river we spotted a shopping trolley (yes, even in York, in the middle of nowhere in WA) and, of all things, a plastic chair. There was also a sign warning against swimming in the river, at the risk of catching amoebic meningitis. I wondered what that was, so when I got home I looked it up. Scary stuff!

From there we drove up to the Mt Brown lookout, which gives lovely views over the town and the surrounding countryside. Most of the farmland in that area is devoted to canola.

York, WA (from Mt Brown lookout)
Canola fields (yellow when in flower)

From York, we drove on to Hyden. Along the way I found a few nice spots (the weather being so bright and sunny) to take some photos. The roads all look like this: a row of trees either side, slicing through canola fields (and occasionally a few sheep).

Trees Road to Hyden

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