Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thai Esarn, Bayswater

When we got back from Geraldton, we were feeling a bit worn out, so we caught a taxi to the Bayswater Hotel even though we knew it was near the train station. The hotel reminded us of the place we stayed at in Glasgow back in 2003; it had obviously been built from several adjoining buildings, and the route to our room was up, down and around several different flights of stairs, half-steps and sharp corners, passing through several doors along the way.

And we were really too tired to go into town for dinner, so after a relaxing drink at the bar (having discovered that the hotel bistro couldn't feed us), we went for a short walk around the nearby streets. Sure enough, we found a Thai restaurant, and despite my scepticism Laetitia managed to convince me to give them a try.

Once more, I'm glad she did. They had no trouble feeding me, after listening carefully as I explained my needs, and patiently putting up with my wariness about the Thai tendency to put some kind of fish product in everything they cook. The meal was delicious.

Recommendation: Worth a visit, if you're in the area (or can catch a train to Bayswater—it's right near the station).


Corallie Buchanan said...

Are you allergic to fish Ian?

Ian said...

Allergic? Not sure if that's the right word. But the last time I had Thai food contaminated with fish sauce, I got a nasty headache afterwards.