Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Formosa Vegetarian Eating House

Worn out and hungry in a strange city, we asked our Perth CBD hotel concierge where we might find some vegetarian food. She wasn't sure, but suggested we take a short walk to James St because there were quite a few restaurants there.

She was right. Amongst a wide variety of different options, we found the Formosa Vegetarian Eating House, and it reminded us of a favourite restaurant back home (The Loving Hut in Mt Gravatt): everything on the menu is vegetarian, sometimes in spite of the name and picture! There's a couple of large rooms filled with tables, and when you arrive you take a menu—which has many, many options and colourful photos to help you choose—as well as an order sheet and pencil, and write down what you want to try. The prices are quite low. Once you've chosen, you take the order form to the counter and pay, and then when it's ready (which wasn't too long in our case) they bring it out to you at your table. There's also a selection of cakes and sweets near the counter, but while vegetarian most of them were not vegan, so we didn't try those.

They have a small stage area and several large screens, playing karaoke music in several (mostly Asian) languages. Apparently they have karaoke competitions there. I'm glad we missed that!

Recommendation: Good food, cheap, wide range of choices, all vegetarian. Try it!

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