Thursday, January 10, 2008

CMS Summer School 2007

Summer School this year was wet, wet, wet.

Friday evening there was a big rainstorm, lots of mud everywhere. Still haven't managed to get the mudstains off my long pants! But that's okay, they're old pants, and I haven't tried the nappy treatment yet. It rained on and off every day we were there, including a hailstorm during lunchtime on Sunday.

Don Carson did the Bible talks this year. Ironically, after being billed as a major draw-card for this year's Summer School, he himself humbly noted that we shouldn't look to “gurus” for spiritual instruction, but rather to God alone. Nonetheless, he spoke very well, helping us to see and understand more from Nehemiah than we had expected (Laetitia and I having already studied Nehemiah in 2007).

However, the food was a poor cousin of the usual rich Summer School fare, especially for Laetitia and I with our special diets. First of all, although we were supposed to be eating our meals at CMS, the same site we were sleeping at, in fact (due apparently to an uncorrected database error by CMS) the caterers were providing all special diet meals at WEC! (For those who don't know, the WEC site is basically diametrically opposite the CMS site at the conference centre.) Second, CMS had evidently failed to pass on to the caterers our special diet instructions which we have carefully prepared specifically for the benefit of people who are trying to cook for us. Third, the portions they prepared were pathetically small, especially for me, trying to put on weight! (The plate shown at right was supposed to be my lunch on Sunday. When I commented to the cook that it wasn't enough to feed me, I was told, “well, there's salad too.” Grr!)

Fortunately, after correcting the cook's incomplete description of our dietary needs, the meals did gradually improve. On the last couple of days we were eating delicious and very creative meals. *Sigh*

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