Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

That's welcome to me, as well as to you!

I decided the other night (while I was lying awake at— well, it was far too early to be already wide awake and unable to get back to sleep, let's leave it at that, okay?) that I needed to keep in touch better with my (extended) family and friends. So I thought I'd try keeping a blog.

I'm no stranger to the ideas or the technology (I used to be a computer programmer; I wrote software like this, for fun) but I just haven't got around to starting my own blog yet. I guess I never really thought I had anything to say. Perhaps I still don't! Ah well, I guess we'll see whether anyone is interested in reading what I write.

So: Welcome to my blog. Let me post this now so I can get started.

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