Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Townsville photos

Just a few images of Townsville for you…

The view from our motel window. (Mt Stuart in background.)

Magnetic Island from the beach (The Strand).

Magnetic Island again, from Castle Hill. (City in foreground.)
The wierd colours are entirely false: The image was taken through an infra-red filter (which is almost opaque black to the eye, but lets infra-red light through), and the colours are artefacts of the camera's white-balance algorithm.

A cool sign we found beside the road going up to the Mt Stuart lookout.


Josh Paech said...

That sign is awesome. I want one for my classroom. :)

CMC Kylie N said...

Hi guys, just a correction, from a person who lived in Townsville for 7 years. It's actually Castle Hill, not Castle rock. Even though it looks just like a huge rock in the middle of town. Also, do you know why that sign is on the way up to Mt Stuart? It the edge of the army training area. Cheers!

Ian said...

Yes, I know why the sign is there. I just thought it was pretty cool! :-)

(And thanks, I changed "Rock" to "Hill".)