Friday, December 16, 2011


Our second night was spent in Greymouth on the west coast. It lived up to its name, with overcast skies and intermittent drizzle. The breakwater at the head of the Grey River was supposed to have “views of Mt Cook” but all we saw were clouds. However the surf was spectacular, huge waves crashing into the breakwater and throwing spray up and over. The “beach” consisted entirely of rocks and stones, huge slabs of limestone (you can see why they used to mine it here) all the way down to small rounded skipping stones. The retreating waves were very noisy as they washed back off the beach.

We stayed in the Kingsgate Hotel on the esplanade (along the Grey River, not the ocean) and ate at Priya Indian Restaurant. The hotel advertised itself as “hotel accommodation at a backpacker price” - well if that was a backpacker price then we’re glad we’re not backpacking!

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