Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been a while… Sorry.

I've been so busy. And I haven't written here for ages. But my head is buzzing with ideas—not just for here, but also for my photography blog. And although I'm still vacillating, I think I really do want to sell my photos.

School has been … full-on. I'm now teaching year 12 Physics (in addition to the year 11 class) instead of year 7 PE. Which I think is an improvement! I'm enjoying the rotation through the classes in year 10 Science; I'm getting to know all of the year 10s (well, three classes so far, and the last class next term).

I've also enjoyed being a leader on a Scripture Union camp over the winter holidays. And last weekend Laetitia and I went up to Mackay for the Student Festival of Fashion—and to see old friends. Catching Bel Morrison at our church there was a special surprise!

Should I write more detailed posts about any of these? Let me know…

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