Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

First, how am I going with last year's? Okay, I think. Viola practice didn't happen quite as often as I'd like, and there is nowhere in Mackay for me to do any rock climbing, but otherwise I think I made some progress.

Some personal goals for this year:

  • Continue working on my drum playing
  • Waste less time (and spend it on worthwhile pursuits instead)
  • Lift my level of prayer, care and giving for missionaries

On a related note, as you may know, a long-time goal of mine has been to put on some weight. I'm pleased to report that my gym program (and carefully-planned diet) is working well, and I am now over 65kg! (That's more than ever before in my life!)

1 comment:

KT said...

Well done on the weight gain! I'm trying to get *under* 80 at the moment. Mid-70s would be nice. 65 ... yeah, I remember that during high school when I thought I was fat. ;) Ah, girlish self esteem.