Friday, September 5, 2008

Square Dancing in Rockhampton

The weekend after our 10th wedding anniversary, I went (but not Laetitia this year; last year we both went) to Rockhampton for a weekend of square dancing with the Capricorn Waves club at Parkhurst (north side of Rocky, on the Bruce Highway heading towards Mackay).

If you're not sure what square dancing is, try this:

That's a time lapse video I made with my new toy, an interval timer shutter remote for my DSLR camera. I put the camera on a tripod, tell it to take photos every few seconds, then stitch them together afterwards into a video. Cool, huh?

Anyway, this video starts with everyone squaring up, then a teaching session, followed by two dances. Sorry, because of the timing tricks, I really can't give you the music/sound that goes with it! Imagine your favourite rock or country music with a strong 4/4 beat at 128 beats per minute.

On the drive back home (and it's a long, boring four hour drive when alone) I stopped at took some photos. Each time I've driven that road, I've thought about some of these photos. So this time, not being in a great hurry to get anywhere, I stopped and took them.

See, there's this section near Marlborough where there's an old road beside the new one. The grass is growing up through the bitumen, and it looks simply delightful.
Old road

The old road is not easy to get to. I had to use my tripod to help me clamber down a bank thick with grass and shrubs, while the cows watched in amusement (okay, so they were probably more interested in eating grass).
Old road (by Ian B-M)

And there are plenty other nice views along the way, across wide open plains.

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