Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Black Balloon

It's $8 for any movie, any session this weekend, so we had to go see something. After more than one recommendation, we chose “The Black Balloon”, an Australian movie about a family with an autistic son. The other son struggles to come to terms with what that means for him and his relationships with other people.

I found it very touching, and it really made me reflect on just what the parents of some of my students must go through at home. I did have trouble at times believing that the two boys were as young as they were supposed to be. The humour and romance were typically Australian, which is to say delightfully understated. I especially enjoyed the long poignant silences and meaningful looks. (And don't blink too much during the opening credits, or you'll miss the only black balloon in the whole movie!)

Highly recommended.

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